June 26, 2017

Sonus Paradisi offers the beautiful commercial Hauptwerk sample set of the world known Jordi Bosch organ of Sant Andreu Apòstol in Santanyí (Mallorca, Spain). This organ was built in 1762. It has an amazing facade with 9 ranks (!!!) of horizontal trumpets.

The original sample set has left and right landscape jambs, but corresponding portrait jambs are missing. I created an extension that adds these missing portrait jambs.

The extension installs a new organ definition file (ODF) with a new UniqueOrganID (001985). It does not touch the original installation.

June 28, 2017

Version 1.01 addresses an issue with some stop shadows in ON position.

August 8, 2018

Version 1.10 corrects a screen bug and has increased stop labels to use screen estate better.

Price: Free

(Direct Download)

Pictures & Screenshots

  • Sant Andreu Apòstol Santanyí
    Sant Andreu Apòstol Santanyí
  • Sant Andreu Apòstol Santanyí
    Jordi Bosch organ in Sant Andreu Apòstol Santanyí
  • Jamb for Sant Andreu Apòstol Santanyí
    Left Jamb Portrait
  • Jamb for Sant Andreu Apòstol Santanyí
    Right Jamb Portrait


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