The Ott-Organ is a beautiful tiny rehearsal instrument, which was published in 2004 by Christian Datzko. This tracker organ was built by Dieter Ott (Göttingen in Northern Germany) in 2003. It has initially 5 Stops on one manual (56 keys). The manual is always coupled to the pedal (30 keys). The original stops are Gedackt 8', Rohrflöte 4', Prinzipal 2', Quinte 1 1/3' and Oktave 1'.

I was asked to add some features to the original ODF:

  • A 16' pedal stop (Gedackt 16')
  • Stop action, key action, and blower noises

A friend of mine designed and implemented the beautiful dual jambs.


  • Jambs for Ott-Organ
  • Jambs for Ott-Organ
    Left Jamb Lanscape
  • Jambs for Ott-Organ
    Right Jamb Lanscape
  • Jambs for Ott-Organ
    Left Jamb Portrait
  • Jambs for Ott-Organ
    Right Jamb Portrait
  • Jambs for Ott-Organ

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