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Convent Church, Azzio, Italy

    • Information

      July 23, 2018

      Piotr Grabrowski offers the beautiful free tiny Hauptwerk sample set of a Mascioni organ, built in 2016 for the Convent Church in Azzio, Italy.

      The original sample set, which has to be installed before installing the extension, mimics the original organ, adding the missing C# and extending the limited compass of 27 pedal and 51 manual keys.

      I created two extensions:

      • Version 1.01 extends the compass to 30 (pedal) and 56 (manual) keys.
      • Version 1.02 adds an additional (hidden) switch, which allows to switch between the original and extended version. If you tap the music deck on the console screen, the extension can be enabled or disabled. If the extension is enabled, the name plaque of the organ builder shows a subtle (Ext.).
    • Updates

      July 24, 2018

      One user pointed out that Piotr has released a quiet update to v1.01, which I wasn't aware of. The only difference to v1.00 is the addition of a new screen (Both Jambs). I updated my extensions to v1.03 and v1.04.

    • Download

      This extension is free!

      If you would like to show your appreciation, consider a donation to fund future development.