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Stadtkirche Zöblitz, Germany

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      Gottfried Silbermann (1683 - 1753) is considered to be the most famous German builder of keyboard instruments (harpsichords, clavichords, organs, and fortepianos) in the baroque period. He was born in Kleinbobritzsch (Saxony, Germany). At the age of 2 years, his parents moved to the nearby city Frauenstein (Saxony), where he became a carpenter. In 1701 he moved to Straßburg, where he learned organ construction from his brother Andreas. In 1720 as a master craftsman he finally returned to Freiberg (Saxony), where he opened his own organ workshop.

      Gottfried Silbermann built approximately 50 instruments during his lifetime, 29 of which still exist in Saxony. By using elements of French-Alsatian organ building, he created a unique style.

      The organ of the Evangelische Stadtkirche Zöblitz (Saxony), inaugurated in 1742, is one of his later works. The organ has 20 stops on 2 manuals and pedal.

      Due to a generous donation, the organ could be restored in 1997. The restoration of the facade revealed its original coloration.

      PROSPECTUM Virtual Organs sampled this iconig instrument.

      As the original sample set is missing dual jambs, I developed an extension with both dual landscape and portrait jambs. I am currently experimenting with different design alternatives (see below).

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