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Esztergom Basilica, Hungary

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      The Esztergom Pipe Organ Samples (EGOM) is a beautiful large sample set provided by Inspired Acoustics. Unfortunately, it is missing portrait screens. As the number of stops is huge, the current sample set is hard to use on dual portrait screens, where the landscape layout covers only about 1/3 of the screen and 2/3 are black.

      As the ODF is encrypted, it is not possible to add additional screens. Starting a complete new CODM is a lot of work and will not sound like the original sample set. Therefore I did not implement the new portrait graphics. I experimented with two different layouts in 4k resolution (2160 x 3840).

      Let's keep our fingers crossed, that IA will provide an update with dual portrait screens in the (near) future. It would be such a vast improvement!

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