My name is Christoph Schmitz. I am a Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Munich. Until summer 2014 I was the head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at the University of Munich, Germany.

Now I am working for the industry. I have two main jobs:

My new positions give me much more time to enjoy my hobby — organ music.

In 2015 I bought a Hauptwerk console. After 9 months of planning, Colin Peacock and his team from
Renatus Ltd., Bideford, UK, constructed and build the fantastic contemporary Willis console, which is shown on my home page.

If somebody is interested to see, hear and play this console, please drop me a note.
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Otto-Nagel-Str. 1a
14467 Potsdam, Germany
Phone: +49 331 8132 9391
Fax: +49 331 8132 9392


I'd love to hear from you, whether it is about one of my extensions, or just a quick message to say hello!

Feel free to shoot me an email with my Contact Form!

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